All Kiitella projects are custom designed and fabricated in the small mountain town of Ridgway, Colorado. Kiitella is a sustainability-oriented small business that sources only the highest quality materials, and emphasizes excellent craftsmanship and high aesthetics. Kiitella projects are bold and unique physical representations of above and beyond human drive – human commitment – human kindness.

Since 1991, artist and designer Lisa Issenberg has specialized in innovative, custom metalwork, often incorporating other mediums, such as photography, wool felt, or bamboo. Kiitella’s art is original and distinctive, yet drawn from its dominant influences: Bauhaus form & function, Art Deco graphics, Scandinavian design sensibility, and the grace of the mountainous world surrounding Kiitella headquarters. Kiitella’s process incorporates both industrial techniques and handcraft; no two pieces are the same, as each is delightfully imperfect.

Issenberg earned a Master of Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute in 2001 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University.

Issenberg lives in Ridgway, Colorado with her husband and black lab Django, creates in her metal design studio and steel shop, and adventures in the surrounding San Juan mountains.

note: To view Issenberg’s past portfolio of work 1991-2012, including the Rocky Mountain Charm jewelry series, please visit: www.IssenbergDesign.com