2018 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards

date: 2018

client: Outdoor Retailer

location: Denver, Colorado

materials: Stainless steel, mild steel, brass, pewter

size: 4" x 4" x 12"

info: The Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards trophy by Kiitella makes the cover of The Daily Day 3 at OR Winter Market 2018... and Kiitella is pretty thrilled. Twelve companies were chosen from thirty-two finalists, and received custom trophies for their innovative products. About the trophy design: The Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards new elegant and minimal logo — shapes representing an arrow and north star (think COMPASS) — bursts into 3D via thick stainless steel and polished brass. The four award criteria — spark, desire, function, impact — are cut through the trophy base, ie the compass dial. Company names with their winning products are hand-stamped on the front. Lower photos: Primaloft accepting their trophy for Product of the Year. Brian and Mike from United By Blue. See the article in The Daily Day 3, pp. 12-13 (ISSUU pp.16-17)