Dillon Open Regatta Trophies

date: 2018

client: Dillon Yacht Club

location: Dillon, Colorado

materials: Steel, aluminum, pewter

size: 8" x 8.4" x 1.5"

info: Lisa Issenberg, the artist behind Kiitella, is delighted to be the creator of the 2018 Dillon Open Regatta trophies: custom designed and fabricated metal trophies consisting of satin-polished, laser-cut steel. The design: Two J22 boats in motion, welded to a solid steel base, featuring the Dillon Yacht Club burgee and the DOR logo, both printed on metal, riveted and framed by the laser-cut window. Two hand-stamped pewter discs, a “place” tag and a DYC 50th anniversary tag, are riveted to the heads of the sails, and hand-engraving fills the backs… An elegant and substantial award for the DOR winners.