Toyota U.S. Grand Prix Medals @ Snowmass

date: 2018

client: Aspen Skiing Company

location: Snowmass

materials: Steel, brass, aluminum

size: 4" diam.

info: At the 2018 Toyota U.S. Grand Prix - Olympic Selection Event, hosted by Aspen Snowmass January 10-14, winners will be awarded medals custom designed and fabricated by Kiitellä. These "gold, silver and bronze" medals for the U.S. Grand Prix podium finishers consist of jet-cut, satin-polished brass, steel, and bronze. Kiitellä's process includes a mix of both handcraft and industrial techniques… no two medals are the same. In celebration of Snowmass's 50th anniversary, the medal design incorporates the "Snowmass 50” logo as the competitor’s bib. See the Aspen Times article.