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2018 Colorado Classic Pro-Cycling Awards – VAIL Stage 1 & 2

2018 Colorado Classic Stages 1 & 2, yesterday & today in Vail… It’s always a relief and a thrill to see the awards make it safely from Kiitella HQ to the podium. Here are both medals and trophies decorating the winners of yesterday’s Stage 1 race. 1st place Gage Hecht, 2nd place Travis McCabe, 3rd place Joe Lewis.

The Medals:
“Gold, silver and bronze” medals — actual metals are solid brass, stainless steel and bronze patina’d brass — in the curvaceous form of a bicycle chain link, ready to open a bottle of Colorado brewed beer, or hold a key… And the neck ribbon?.. a slice of used bike tube. A slick and fully functional award for the podium finishers.
The Trophies:
Vail’s iconic Gore Range is captured in steel, and capped with used bicycle chain, welded to the ridge. Thick, satin-polished “gold, silver and bronze” rings frame a metal printed Colorado Classic logo.