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Christo’s Newest Project: Walking on Water ~ In Italy

PILZONE, Italy — It was a long-held dream, but finally, this week, the conceptual artist Christo walked on water.

On Thursday, he tried out his latest project, “The Floating Piers,” a walkway stretching three kilometers, or nearly two miles, that connects two small islands in Lake Iseo, in Italy’s Lombardy region, to each other and to the mainland.

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sou fujimoto’s public toilet in ichihara is a garden escape

A bit different than our friends’ groovy outdoor WCs…

The communal bathroom is notably one of the smallest ‘public’ spaces, while at the same time being confined and private. sou fujimoto took on the challenge of designing a toilet that while still being closed, offered an openness in the context of its site–positioned next to itabu station that runs along the north and south in ichihara-city, chiba, an area that is known for its cherry blossoms.

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louis kahn: FDR four freedoms park in new york

it’s been 40 years since new york has been planning a memorial park for 32nd president franklin D. roosevelt on the east end of roosevelt island. originally designed by louis kahn in 1974, new york’s almost bankrupt economy put the project on hold until the release of the documentary ‘my architect‘ when enough support was fostered to fund the completion of the project carried out by local firm mitchell giurgola architects.

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