Project Description

The Aspen/Snowmass Audi Power of Four race series is a premier endurance race consisting of 12,000 feet of vertical gain over 25 miles traversing Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands and Aspen Mountain… pure fun for the hard-core… and shiny Kiitellä medals await the podium finishers. The three race events: trail running and mountain biking races in the summer and skimo races in the winter. Kiitellä has created the medals since 2013… The medals for all the races form a family of designs, yet each race receives a unique design… and every couple years, each design is altered a bit in metal type, finish and details to keep things fresh. The skimo medals: The first place medal celebrates the classic ski pole basket with a steel ring and riveted leather loops.. One year the medals received a facelift with a glossy red powdercoat. The mountain bike medals: Kiitellä’s signature jet-cut steel plate welded to used bicycle chains, and the trail running medals feature eyelets and shoelaces. The center of every medal consistently frames the three variations of the event logo.