Project Description

The 2020 AAC Annual Benefit Dinner, their largest and most prestigious event, scheduled for March 13-15 in Denver, swiftly shifted to a virtual event. And you can watch a full recap HERE.

The American Alpine Club holds their Annual Benefit Dinner in a different US city each year. The AAC’s yearly event honors those making outstanding achievements in conservation, climbing and mountaineering.

Since 2013, Kiitellä has created the awards, altering the design a bit each year… keeping it continuous yet fresh. The plaques are a sleek fusion of steel — either hand-polished stainless steel or dark polished hot rolled steel, laminated bamboo or birch ply, with or without natural wool felt. Most recently, Kiitellä has incorporated the sweetest tiny stainless steel bolts… every little detail matters.

The awards include Honorary Memberships, which is one of the highest awards the AAC offers; The Robert And Miriam Underhill Award; The Heilprin Citation; The Robert Hicks Bates Award; The H. Adams Carter Literary Award; And the David R. Brower Conservation Award… which, in 2018, was received by former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and accomplished climber Sally Jewell, recognized for her extraordinary leadership in landscape conservation and commitment to youth outdoor education. As a complete fan of Sally Jewell, it’s moving being a part of her recognition, as well as the other extraordinary people, even if anonymously, via a piece of art. Watch Sally Jewell’s inspiring call-to-action acceptance speech HERE. Really… watch it.