Project Description

Kiitellä custom designed and fabricated retro-style TV awards for the 2017 Colorado Film Hall of Fame Inductees — a Colorado Office of Film Television and Media Award. Congratulations to Sonny Hutchison, Duke Hartman and Jim Berger of High Noon Entertainment. The recipients were honored at the Denver Film Society 40th Birthday Gala. Vintage meets modern with dark mild steel and polished stainless steel laminated to bamboo — with knobs and dials — and the COFTM logo framed and riveted.

2015 Inductee: Film director Daniel Junge was honored with the Colorado Film Hall of Fame Award at the Starz Denver Film Festival. The award design meshes the new Colorado State logo with jetcut copy and a full color COFTM logo plate, and of course – a snowy wool felt layer. (Scroll through for ceremony photo with Daniel Junge, Colorado State Senator Linda Newell & Britta Erickson.)

“Last night I received the Colorado Hall of Fame Award that you designed and I want to tell you how cool it is. Fits right into our whole mid-mod / industrial style of our house. I have won a lot of awards and this one by far is the coolest…OK, maybe the Oscar is cooler but this one is very cool. Thanks!” – Daniel Junge