Project Description

Here was a project that blew Kiitellä right out of its comfort zone! Commissioned by a mega-brand needing two really cool trophies involving a helix and globe. And involving an enormous monetary prize for important work done by women from the far reaches of the world.

The process: Multiple metals and techniques were needed to achieve the goal of feminine lines with strong, solid architecture. The hand-forged steel spirals are welded to a satin-finished, stainless steel base with an etched globe riveted atop. Most challenging aspects: 1. Getting a sphere to morph into a globe with continents, and 2. Attaching the spirals to the curve of the sphere. I really had to dig into three-decades’ worth of metal techniques that I don’t use everyday to achieve both goals. I acid-etched the globe; and the spirals were grooved, bent, filled, and smoothed out. Both methods worked beautifully!

From start to finish, this project consumed Kiitellä. At the very end, I really felt all the magic of what I get to do. Here was an inanimate object I’d fabricated that traveled to Paris in a carry-on bag, that was then presented to two women from disparate parts of the globe, recognizing their incredible effort and fulfillment of their dreams. In my awards, I had traveled the world and I was there, connecting with their victory and celebration. What an honor! Winners: Monique Ntumngia from Green Girls in Cameroon and Naureen Hyat from TEZ in Pakistan
Paris photos/video credit: @tim.seller