Project Description

As light pours through the leaves on a tree, a shadow pattern filled with distorted shapes forms on a nearby surface. The variety of leaf shapes are naturally organic and perfect. This freeform natural design completely inspired the donor panel for Colorado Rocky Mountain School. In an attempt to mimic the perfection of nature, the jet-cut stainless steel leaves vary in size, shape, direction and plane − they tilt in varying degrees out of the vertical plane, as if they were in motion. Each donor name is boldly hand-stamped and riveted to a leaf or to the framework. The school’s motto, “Forging the Future, Preserving the Past,” vibrantly forms the left border with illuminated translucent blue acrylic. The donor panel floats in space, and is mounted to the ceiling and floor with really cool Japanese hardware.

“As we approached our historic $10M capital campaign goal, it was important to us that we celebrated with a donor wall worthy of this unprecedented generosity. Colorado Rocky Mountain School’s campus sits on 300+ pastoral acres and has a sixty-plus year history rich in the arts and outdoor programming and we wanted a donor wall that reflected our school’s personality. Throughout the process, we adored working with Lisa Issenberg of Kiitellä. She was incredibly inspiring, creative and professional and our donor wall reflects her love, care and artistry. It is the perfect dedication for all those that gave so generously to this very special school.”