Project Description

Denver Film wanted to honor their award winners with something new in 2019, leaning away from a typical trophy or film iconography and more towards “art”… a piece of art that substantially honors the filmmaker’s accomplishment. They were drawn to the abstract style of my 2009 Mountainfilm awards and also mentioned “projection.” This sent me in a fun direction of abstract designs with positive/negative space… But I also included one design completely based on the  Denver Film logo. The minimal, bold graphic lends itself perfectly to a blown-up version cut in steel plate—and this is the one they chose.

The process: I laminated double-layer Scandinavian birch ply, natural wool felt, and thick plate steel. Award titles with recipient names are hand-stamped on a pewter plate along the bottom part. And—all details matter—add a few beautiful tiny stainless steel bolts for both form and function. At 8” high, with richly saturated felt and satin polished steel, this one will definitely pop out on the shelf of awards.